Raising Up DCFS Social Workers!

Raise Up All of LA County has been bargaining since March¬†and the County still hasn’t come to the table with a fair deal to alleviate the DCFS understaffing or with a strategy to deliver more services to the people we proudly serve.

Our demands for DCFS Social Workers are very clear. They’re win-win proposals for DCFS Social Workers and the at-large community, but the county is currently choosing a path that keeps it from reaching its goal of being “the employer of choice!”

The fair shake we’re asking from the County includes:

  • A plan to decrease attrition by assigning a mentor for every recently hired Social Worker
  • Compensation that respects and values the very important work of DCFS Social Workers
  • A roadmap to safely decrease the flow of cases coming into our system so that we can better carry out our mission without jeopardizing the lives of children


What we are asking for is indispensable to continue doing the work we do and is respectful to our profession. We’re going to continue fighting for a fair deal and keeping DCFS Social Workers informed on our process and progress at the bargaining table.

While some details may be legally bound to confidentiality, we believe your engagement and support are important every step of the way.

“We need to keep fighting for lower caseloads as social workers, lower caseloads mean the families and children we serve are safer,” says David Green, Social Worker and SEIU 721 Treasurer.

We’ve had great successes over the last 15 months like winning the hiring of 900 new social workers and expanding telecommuting and increasing the number of mobile workers, we’re not going to let up on fighting for what DCFS social workers need!

Strengthening LA County Services and the well being of our families depend on our shared leadership at the bargaining table, at our worksites and in our communities. Your unity will be the margin of victory for DCFS Social Workers, and all LA County workers.

Stay engaged and purple up every day in August for a Fair Contract!

Please contact your worksite organizer for more details and to receive your Purple Up! sweatbands.



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