Major Progress in Bargaining; Most Unit Agreements Completed; Fringe Benefits Not Yet Settled; Union Members Determined to Honor Cesar Chavez with Holiday

After several days of round-the clock bargaining, most SEIU 721 bargaining committees have reached tentative agreements with L.A. County. However, the Fringe Benefits agreement, covering items such as health benefits, pensions, leaves of absence, holidays, and vacation for ALL SEIU 721 members – has not yet been settled.

In particular, the County has not yet agreed to honor Cesar Chavez day as a paid County holiday. The County is now the only major public employer in the LA area which does not observe Cesar Chavez Day as a holiday. SEIU 721 members are standing up for Cesar Chavez!

When we reach a total settlement, which we hope will be soon, we will provide detailed information about all of the gains that have been made. Stay tuned!



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