Riverside City Council Approves Contract

We did it!  After months of taking a stand and being vocal, our Tentative Agreement (TA) was approved by the  Riverside City Council on Tuesday, November 8th.

The new contract includes $1,500 in bonuses by July 1, 2017, raises of between 6% -15% during the life of  the  contract, new paid holidays, and an increase in employer contributions for healthcare over the first year of the contract.


We are well on our way to Raise Up Riverside City with the investments you won for all frontline workers, and the protection and restoration of critical services that are essential to our community and our members.

Congratulations for your determination in delivering this contract!

The following is now in effect as of November 8, 2016:

– Increase swing shift differential from $1.50 to $1.65.  Increase grave shift differential from $1.75 to $2.00. 

– Flex schedule requests will not be unreasonably denied.

– Sick time hours will now be counted towards receiving overtime pay.

– Increase in boot allowance from $150 to $250.

– Automatic promotion if taking on duties of higher classification for a period of more than 18 months; must meet qualifications, no incumbent, budgeted vacant position available.

– Stewards copied on email confirmations for release time

– City candidates to be screened for minimum qualifications of job descriptions for promotional opportunities; external candidates may be screened for additional criteria.

– Park Maintenance Worker I’s promoted to Park Maintenance Worker II after 3 years of satisfactory service; all  time worked in Park Maintenance Worker I will be credited toward 3-year requirement.

– Holiday pay to reflect scheduled hours: 8 hours = 8 hours holiday pay, 10 hours = 10 hours holiday pay.

See Full TA Summary here.