Riverside County Bargaining News 1.30.17

The SEIU 721 bargaining team has been negotiating in good faith with Riverside County but the county has continuously chosen to take the low road with an overreliance on aimless cuts rather than thinking through solutions that can benefit everyone. 

Time and time again the County has shown they’re not committed to a transparent process that empowers the Bargaining Team with the needed information to negotiate for strong workplace safety protections, affordable and accessible health care, fair wages and safe staffing levels. 


On January 24th, the SEIU 721 bargaining team filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) against the County for repeatedly withholding critical information needed at the bargaining table to negotiate a contract that Raises Up Riverside County. While we are fighting to raise the standards across the board, the County is hell-bent on a race to the bottom! 


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A great contract that Raises Up all Riverside County will be won by taking a strong stand at worksites and at the bargaining table. This is the moment to get engaged and united to stay on a winning path in Riverside County. Be on the lookout for upcoming solidarity actions. 

Upcoming Bargaining Sessions @ the Local: 

Jan 30th (GENERAL) FEB 2nd (RN) 

Feb 14th (GENERAL) Feb 21 (GENERAL) 

FEB 23rd (RN) March 9th (RN) 

*dates are subject to change