‘The Union Difference’ makes all the difference at LAC+USC!

BU 729 members now can use vacation time for sick time … no permission necessary!

When management at the LAC+USC Medical Center denied employees the right to use vacation time for sick time, SEIU Local 721 members stood up for our rights at the workplace!

We filed a “Grievance – General in Character” on behalf of everyone in BU 729. We showed how existing policy clearly states that staff cannot be denied the right to use vacation, compensatory time off or holiday time to cover an illness or injury.

Now, it is official – our grievance was granted, and we won!

SEIU Local 721 members are proud to defend our hard-fought workplace protections – and to set the standard for similar worksites. It’s yet another example of how a small investment in union dues pays off big in numerous ways.

When the forces of greed behind the Right-to-Work attack try to fool us into thinking our union doesn’t make a difference, we’ll remember times like these – when it was our union that made all the difference!

Together, we win!


  • When calling out sick or calling in for an emergency, you may use any accrued leave (i.e. vacation time, “F time”) in lieu of sick time – and you do not need to get prior management approval!
  • Remember to state when calling in which accrued leave you want to use.
  • Don’t forget to code your timecard with the accrued leave you want to use.
  • NOTE: If you are on part pay sick time, you must get management approval to use accrued leave in lieu of sick time.

For more info, contact Michelle Salas, Worksite Organizer at or (213) 447-3252.


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