Call the Riverside County Board of Supervisors!

As if breaking labor law 19 times was not enough!

Right now, Riverside County management is in court fighting to silence our voices and keep County workers from exercising their legally protected right to strike.

Make your voice heard! Call the County Supervisors and tell them to come back to the bargaining table and end this strike now! Its time to stop breaking labor laws and bargain with us in good faith!

Supervisor Kevin Jeffries: 951-955-1010

Supervisor John Tavaglione: 951-955-1020

Supervisor Chuck Washington:  951-955-1030

Supervisor Manny Perez: 951-955-1040

Supervisor Marion Ashley: 951-955-1050


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Debii Hull

I called all the numbers given for the BoS’s. Only got through to IT, le ft message w secretary. The rest of them, no answer, no voice mail,