Riverside County Strike Frequently Asked Questions

For more than a year we’ve tried to negotiate in good-faith with the County of Riverside but they have consistently stayed on their low-road, breaking labor law after labor law!

To date, we have filed 19 unfair practice charges against the County detailing its bad-faith bargaining, surveillance, and refusal to provide information critical to our ability to bargain effectively with the County, including transparency about their multi-million dollar toxic swap deal with Wells Fargo, their $40 million dollar contract with European consulting giant KPMG, and scores of other critical information. That’s 19 times the County has stooped lower and lower to silence our voices and stonewall bargaining!

We have had it with the County’s bad-faith bargaining and will be going on an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strike on September 6th and 7th.

For real-time strike updates text 721RIVCO to 787-753. For the latest updates and key information on this week’s actions, call our ULP Strike Hotline at 1-800-397-3152.

Why are we going on strike?

To protest the County’s Unfair Labor Practices. The County has broken labor laws 19 times! We need to send a strong message to the Board of Supervisors that employees are not willing to put up with it any more. The County needs to stop its unfair practice campaign against frontline workers. This strike is a ULP Strike.

What is the date of the strike?

Our ULP strike starts the morning of September 6th and will continue through September 7th.

Transportation to the first action will be provided for locations far away from Riverside City.

After our action at the hospital, we will continue with strike actions throughout the day. Food and logistics, including transportation, will be available for County workers for the rest of the day.

If you work at a 24-hour facility, we will be reaching out to you directly regarding logistics specifics to ensure you can strike successfully with your coworkers.

How long will the ULP strike be?

It will not last longer than Friday, September 8th but you will receive all details throughout.

Can I go on strike if I am on probation?

We are advising that you do not participate in the strike, but there are other ways you can support, such as wearing purple on action days.

Do I need to notify my manager?

No, we have already issued our notification.

I’m scared about going out on strike. Can I get in trouble?

Our Unfair Labor Practice strike is legally protected activity. The County has broken law after law and your bargaining team has filed 19 unfair practices charges over their low-road behavior.

I’ve heard that a judge has ruled that some members cannot participate in the strike. Does this apply to me?

The vast majority of SEIU 721 members are legally protected and allowed to strike. If you have not been personally served with an injunction,  you are able to participate. If you have been individually served with an injunction please notify the union immediately by sending an email to For more information, click here:


Will the union be providing financial assistance?

Financial assistance is not considered unless the strike is at least 7 days. This strike will not reach 7 days.

Can I call in sick?  

No. You will have no legal protection if you call in sick and participate in the strike. The Union has already notified the County of our intent to strike. You are covered by the strike notification we delivered on August 29th.

Can I use vacation time to strike?

No, vacation time cannot be used for the strike. Striking is a protected activity.

Will going on strike impact my benefits?


Do I need to notify my supervisor that I’m going on strike?

No, the union has already given the required notification to the county.

Is it true that I cannot put up SEIU signage or wear SEIU apparel at work?

No, this is protected activity. Apparel and signage that does not violate current work uniform and posting policies is protected. For example if you are currently allowed to post pictures of your family in your cubicle you can also post SEIU 721/ULP Strike signage. If you are currently allowed to wear “I love Disneyland” pins, stickers, keychains you can do the same with apparel that is SEIU 721 branded. If you are told that you cannot put up SEIU signage or wear SEIU apparel, please contact Member Connection at (877) 721-4YOU.

What if I am already on vacation?

If your time off is already approved, it still stands. If you are told otherwise please call us right away. 

Can I be replaced with temps?

This is a protected strike — you cannot be permanently replaced.

I heard that the County has declared impasse, what does that mean?

Yes, we have released an official statement.  The County’s premature declaration of impasse only certifies that they’ve never had a sincere interest in negotiating in good faith with frontline workers like you. The way you can hold them accountable is by standing with your co-workers and going out on a ULP strike.

I heard that the County has filed an injunction. What does that mean?

 The County is trying all the legal tricks to silence our collective voice. You are eligible to go on strike until further notice from us, or unless you get served with an injunction. If you get served an injunction, please contact us immediately.

I received correspondence from the County that says “Employees who provide job functions essential to public health, safety, and welfare are prohibited from striking” I think that’s me! What do I do?

The County doesn’t get to decide who goes on strike. It’s your right and you have legal protections to participate in the ULP strike. You are eligible to go on strike until further notice from us, or unless you get served with an injunction. If you get served an injunction, please contact us immediately.

Who made the decision to take us on strike?

The SEIU 721 bargaining team is made up of elected members who have been at every bargaining session with the County and have called for the strike. At the end of the day, your co-workers have determined that this strike is crucial to hold the county accountable for their law breaking.

I am on Maternity Leave, can I participate?

Congratulations! One way to support is to reach out to your co-workers at let them know you are supporting them in this process as they fight for all SEIU 721 members.


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Are you recommending those on promotional probation–in addition to those on initial probation–not strike?


Where exactly are the strikes taking place?