Riverside County ULP Strike Notification

Enough with Riverside County’s Unfair Practices!

For more than a year we’ve tried to negotiate in good-faith with the County of Riverside but they have consistently stayed on their low-road of breaking labor law after labor law!

To date, we have filed 19 unfair practice charges against the County ranging from bad-faith bargaining, surveillance, and for refusing to be transparent on their multi-million dollar toxic swap deal with Wells Fargo. That’s 19 times the County has stooped lower and lower to silence our voices and stonewall bargaining!

We have had it with the County’s bad-faith bargaining and gave them our strike notification on August 29th. Our unfair labor practice strike begins at 12:01 AM on Wednesday, September 6.

We are ready and united to exercise our legal and protected right to make our voices heard with a ULP strike to Raise Up Riverside County!

When we fight — We Win!

Contact the Member Connection at 877-721-4YOU for the critical next steps and for more information.

Riverside County ULP Strike Notice


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Just curious why strike if the County has not declared an impasse?