L.A. County offers 1% per year over next 3 years. We say: 3% is an insult!

On Aug. 16, L.A. County negotiators finally made a salary offer: 1% per year for the next 3 years, despite the fact that the cost of living in Los Angeles is currently rising at a rate of 4% a year! We say, “3% is an insult!”

Coupled with their proposed freeze on Options healthcare benefits contributions, these proposals would leave L.A. County employees with significantly smaller paychecks (and they promise to impact our loved ones’ coverage, too).

The cost of our medical plans goes up each year. If L.A. County freezes its Options contribution, the Flex Earnings in our paychecks will be reduced by hundreds of dollars per month and thousands of dollars per year!

These proposals are insulting to us, the workforce that provides quality services throughout L.A. County’s 4,712 square-miles to more than 11 million residents, 365 days a year. But we aren’t deterred. We know what we have to do!

Make plans NOW to join thousands of your fellow SEIU 721 members on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 – because there’s going to be a SHOWDOWN at the L.A. County Board of Supervisors meeting. Just text SHOWDOWN to 31996 so you can RSVP (and claim your free bandana!). Together, we will deliver the message, loud and clear …



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LA county

7 Percent is an INSULT ! 3 Percent is a JOKE!

Need a raise

3 percent ??!!! I’m going on strike.


My Department is also ready to strike for whats fair !


Im confused – in June 721 was against a proposed 7% rate offered by the County, but now that is what you want?

Why did the County drop to 3%? Did they know that the union would cave to the initial offer of 7%?


Didn’t we sponsor most of the board of supervisors? 10% over 3y makes the most sense.

paycheck to paycheck

10 percent over 3 years is less then cost of living. Its going up 4.1 percent every year . In 3 years well make less then we do now . 12.5 is the union proposal.


No, it isn’t. That factors in “extra steps,” which are not COLA increases. The union is proposing a 7% increase over 3 years, which is the lowest we have received out of any of these bargains.

That being said, whatever they negotiate will likely be less than what they ask for, so we will certainly be receiving far, far less than the actual COLA increases we should be receiving.

Joe Lechuga

Fork it! I’m ready to STRIKE!


In the proposal, it says “Additional Step(s).” That and the other proposed increases add up to 12.5% over 3 years. Does this mean: — that all items will increase by 2% 10/1/18 “and” there will be a step increase applied in some way? Or does it mean that positions with only 5 steps will receive a 6th step? The reason I ask is because quoting the total as 12.5% and calling it an across the board increase is not accurate if it does not impact all employees/items and provide “all” with the same benefit / level of increase. I hope… Read more »


We have to unite and take it to L.A County . They need us so they have to treat us fair !


Ready to strike no 3%

Next week showdown !

Everyone call in sick sept 25th and show them we are Serious !!! Let’s unite !!! Buses will be ready to pick people up !!

Showdown !

I’m ready for tomorrow. 12.5 percent or strike !