Speak Up and Take Charge of America’s Values!

The current administration is planning yet another attack on working people with a change to the “public charge” rule that will punish immigrant families who are seeking the American Dream.

SEIU 721’s Latino Caucus is urging members to act on this important cause that affects millions of people as they seek US citizenship.

The term “public charge” refers to a person who is likely to become dependent on the government for financial and material support. Currently that only applies to those who get assistance in the form of cash benefits but the rule change would greatly expand the definition to cover people who use common and basic public benefits including everything from school immunizations to the Earned Income Tax Credit.

This would mean a huge increase in the number of people facing difficulty in getting a green card or extending a visa when applying to become a permanent US resident. The change would also likely discourage millions from accessing healthcare, nutrition, and social services for which they or their U.S.-citizen dependents are eligible.

The SEIU 721 Latino Caucus asks that members union-wide sign up for alerts and submit comments regarding this change on the public charge landing page, which can be accessed here:

Join us in making your voice heard and let officials know that we will not sit by while millions of people are denied access to want we all want: a better life for ourselves and our families. Together We Rise!


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