Victory! New TA Builds Stronger LA Superior Court

We did it! After months of exhaustive contract negotiations, LA Superior Courts has reached a Tentative Agreement on an excellent three year contract! Members will receive an increase in salary, guaranteed fully-paid medical and dental, and more! We achieved all of this by standing together to make our collective voice heard!

Representatives will be coming to your work locations with ballots, beginning Monday, December 17th. Your Bargaining Committee Strongly Recommend a YES VOTE.

More details on the ratification vote schedule are coming soon.

If you have any questions, please contact or

Tentative Agreement Highlights

We won raises for all members! Up to 10.7%* in permanent, pensionable base salary increases, plus up to $3000** in bonuses!

January 2019 – $1,000 bonus + 3% salary increase
October 2019 – 1.5% salary increase – Legal Processing Unit 860
January 2020 – 2% salary increase + 1% “Options Sustainability” salary increase
January 2021 – 2.75% salary step
July 2021 – 2% lump sum bonus
*Includes compounding – 10.7% for Legal Processing Unit; 9.0% for Court Reporters and Supervisory Unit
**$1000 plus 2% lump sum


Guaranteed fully-paid medical and dental healthcare coverage.

Increase in Options Contributions each year, with Flex Earnings cap of $325/month in 2020, and $244/month in 2021.

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Mary Rosales

Yay! Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf.


Are these raises and bonuses for all Superior Court employees or just those represented by SEIU 721?


They are for all Superior Court employees represented by SEIU 721.

Joyce Bryant

This is finally a decent raise and bonus that we can be proud of, and finally feel like we really matter as employees, giving us more incentive to come to work and actually like it, feeling appreciated


Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting us this contract! Just one question if you dont mind:
What is the “Options Sustainability” salary increase?


Does this include Paralegals working at Superior Court?


Does this apply to MOU 8 for engineers?