SEIU Local 721 Members Elect New Executive Board in 2019

The newly elected executive board of SEIU Local 721 is responsible for representing the interests of its members, and manages the Local’s affairs including continuing the dynamic worker-led campaigns that have galvanized a pro-working family movement in Southern California.

Full list of elected member leaders:

Officers At large


Bob Schoonover


Vice President

Linda Dent



David Green



Lillian Cabral


LA County Region Executive Board Members

Lydia R. Cabral
Carolyn Dasher
Patrick Del Conte
Kelley E. Dixon
Valencia L. Garner
Steven Hova Gimian
Adolfo Granados
Arcelia Lopez, RN, MICN
Alina Mendizabal
Tony F. Mendoza
Omar Perez
Jose Sanchez
Grace Santillano
Veryeti Vassel
Sharonda C. Wade


L.A. and OC Cities Region Executive Board Members

Joaquin R. Avalos
Pedro Conde
Stacee Karnya
Kesavan S. Korand
Guillermo Martinez
Andy Morales
Victor M. Vasquez
Simboa A. Wright
Salvador S. Zambrano


Tri Counties Region Executive Board Members

Roberto Camacho
Rosa Castro
Jesse Gomez
Charles Harrington
Fernando Ortiz
Liza R. Rocha
Grace Sepulveda


Inland Region Executive Board Members

Cheylynda Barnard
Miguel (Mike) Beato
Christi Bell
Tim Burke
Oracio Diaz
Barbara Hunter
Roger V. Nunez
Tara Stoddart
David Warpness


The Election Committee’s email is If you want further information on the election (for example, detailed results with numbers) you can email the Election Committee and make those requests.

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