County of Ventura Layoffs – Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll update this post as we get more information.

When did the union know about the layoffs?

We were officially notified on May 28, 2019.

What is the union doing about it?

Per the MOA the County and your union has to meet and confer on this issue, before the changes take affect. Meeting dates are being worked on, please stay tuned, we will reach out to you.

How many are laid off/demoted? Which Departments are affected? ClassificationS or Departments?

VCMC/Santa Paula Hospital

68 proposed layoffs
18 proposed demotions
41 proposed transfer

Public Health
7 proposed layoffs
4 proposed demotions
5 proposed transfers

Behavioral Health
2 proposed demotions
1 proposed transfers

Do you have the names of people?

No, County did not want to give those out in the May 28th Meeting.

When are these changes implemented?

These proposed changes are supposed to take effect starting July 1st, 2019,

What rights do I have per the Memorandum of Agreement (contract)?

Article 23 spells out the specific language on Reductions in Force and also “bumping rights” which state how seniority takes effect.

Who do I contact if I got a layoff notice?

Please call the Member Connection to register your call at 1-877-721-4968


The County has promised to host some town halls so that all HCA employees will hear about what’s going on. These should be held soon.

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