LA City Members Ratify Contract!

It’s official. L.A. City Members have emphatically ratified their new 3-year contract with 95% of the votes.

Tonight’s vote count puts a bookend to contract negotiations that brought out the fight in SEIU Local 721 members throughout the City, including multiple public actions in Downtown Los Angeles and the Port.

So, what did members approve? The ratification vote ushers in 9.65% in raises over the life 3-year contract, with raises retroactive to October 28, 2018.  Additionally, there’s salary adjustments or additional raises or bonuses for workers in various MOUs.

Summary of Ratification Highlights

  • 9.65% in raises over the life of the contract for every worker
  • We maintained the 12-step salary structure
  • We fought off city proposal for members to pay 10% of their health insurance premiums, which means we protected 100% of the cost of health care at the Kaiser Family rate
  • We enhanced Family Leave
  • We protected our overtime pay
  • We put the clamps on outsourcing

Be proud of what we accomplished! Our collective strength as union workers ready to Fix LA made this happen!

What Happens Next

Our contract now goes to the L.A. City Council for final approval. Please note that other unions from the Coalition of City Unions, which we are a part of, are also finishing up their vote.

Once the contract is signed off by the Council, it will be in the City’s hands to start making the salary adjustments.

As soon as L.A. City provides a timeline, we will share this information. Be the first to receive the breaking news by texting SEIU to 31996.

Across the Board Salary Raise Schedule

Oct. 28, 2018 = 2.9% salary increase

Jan. 19, 2020 = 2.75% increase

Jan. 31, 2021 = 2% salary increase

June 20, 2021 = 2% salary increase