City of Oxnard – Make the Call to Stop the Cuts and Stop Layoffs!


Just as Oxnard’s Mayor Flynn and members of the City Council voted to make drastic cuts to vital city services and on layoffs, it was discovered by the city finance staff that there was 5.6 million dollars in its city bank accounts!

So much for “fiscal responsibility.”

It’s time to raise your voice and tell the mayor and City Council members to stop the unnecessary cuts and stop the layoffs.

Tell the Mayor and City Council to save the Carnegie Art Museum and to fully restore the hours, staffing and funding for the Performing Arts Center, La Colonia Boxing Gym and La Colonia Library!

What other money is the city hiding? Where’s the transparency and fiscal responsibility?

Make that call and make your voice heard!

Make the Call Now!

“Stop the unnecessary cuts to Vital City Services! Stop the unnecessary layoffs!”

Call Mayor Flynn: (805) 385-7435

Call the council members who voted for cuts:
Carmen Ramirez at: (805) 385-7438
Bert Perello at: (805) 240-6194
Bryan MacDonald at: (805) 385-7441
Gabriela Basua at: (805) 385-7476
Vianey Lopez at: (805) 385-7477



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Wow! I hope the people of Oxnard don’t suffer or loose service because the City doesn’t know what they have! This is unbelievable!

John H.

Ill be making the call to congratulate them on making the correct decision.