City of LA expected to seal contract deal – and include retroactive pay

As Mother Nature turns up the late Summertime heat on Los Angeles, so our union is turning up the heat on the city administrators now that contract implementation time has begun!

Our contract already got the blessing of the Los Angeles City Council. But they waited to give it their official seal of approval until after they returned from their Summer recess. Now that they finally approved it in August, the City Controller and the CAO will begin the contract implementation process.

The city expects our STEP increases to kick in this Fall. They WILL include retroactive pay.

But if you’re feeling impatient, call the City Controller at (213) 978-7200 – or the CAO at (213) 473-7500. Remind them that our contracts were approved long ago, and ask them: “When exactly can we expect to receive our raises?”

Then text SEIU to 31996. We’ll let you know immediately if we hear that those raises have kicked in!

And in the meantime, if you’re looking for copies of our MOU, we’ll begin posting and distributing them soon. Feel free to follow up directly with your WSO to get one.


  • We successfully bargained for pay raises, including a total 9.65% raise with retroactive pay to October 2018.
  • We protected 100% family medical leave at the Kaiser family rate when city administrators wanted an across-the-board 10 percent employee contribution.
  • We saved the current 12-step salary structure when city managers wanted to expand it to 15 steps.
  • We defended the Overtime Pay structure.
  • We improved floating holiday benefits so that everyone is provided with at least two floating holidays.
  • We ensured that, when it comes to vacation time, employees now have three years instead of just two years on the books before the “use it or lose it” policy kicks in.
  • We pushed for enhancements to family leave so that employees can now use 75% of their sick time for a “Family” illness after exhausting 100% of their sick time.
  • We flexed our worker power and kept our union strong!
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