LA County Relief Nurses, Part-Timers and F-Items: Make sure you get your $250!

We pushed hard during our last contract fight to secure our $250 bonus – and it’s just about here. Be sure to scrutinize your September 15 paycheck. The $250 bonus for LA County Relief Nurses, Part-Timers and F-Items will be paid out then.

This is no ordinary $250 bonus. We had to fight for it. And we won’t stop fighting until LA County pays us everything we are owed – including other pay increases that we bargained hard for.

In the meantime, enjoy that $250 bonus in your September 15 paycheck. You deserve it!

Not sure if you qualify for this bonus? Just contact Member Connection at (877) 721-4YOU to find out.

And make sure to sign up for the latest bargaining updates by texting SEIU to 31996. Together, we win!

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