Tell Congress, Pass the HEROES Act

While Congress has spent hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars bailing out big business and millionaire CEOs, the hardworking public servants who have been putting their lives on the line every day are being warned that looming budget shortfalls could mean massive cuts in jobs and services.

That’s unacceptable! Today’s heroes can’t be tomorrow’s unemployed. This is a message we made clear on our #Stimulus4Workers Day of Action and at our frontline worker press conference outside the President’s golf course last week.

Now we must speak out again and put the pressure on! 

Tell Congress: Pass the HEROES ACT. Members of Congress need to hear our loud demand to #ProtectAllWorkers NOW. They must put working people first, with no blank checks for corporations! Frontline workers still lack protective equipment, sufficient sick leave; and essential worker pay. Many of us are being laid off and are unsure of how we’ll cover bills.

The HEROES Act Will Authorize:

  • $1T for State and Local Governments
  • $200B in hazard pay for essential workers
  • $75B for testing & contact tracing
  • Up to $6K per family in direct payments.

We must not repeat the mistakes of the Great Recession, which took us a decade to recover from.

Please take a minute to tell your member of Congress to vote YES on the HEROES ActA pullback in public investment at the state and local levels will accelerate the economy’s downward spiral, resulting in more job losses, a longer and slower recovery, and long-term damage to our future.

We can’t allow that to happen. When we fight, we win!

A group of city and county workers,
many of them health care workers and public safety officers, staged a
demonstration outside the Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles to demand that
the Trump administration spearhead federal financial relief to keep local
public sector employees from unemployment. Dr. Erica Barrios of Harbor UCLA Medical Center addresses the media. (Photo by Chuck Bennett, Contributing Photographer)
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Becky George

I could really use the money and yes I know we will be paying ot back through taxes.

Becky George

I could really use the money!