SEIU 721 County of Ventura Members Win Increase to Maximum Vacation Accrual

The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc in our workplaces and in our lives. SEIU Local 721 is moving swiftly to keep up with all the changes in all our jurisdictions to help keep all workers and the clients we serve safe.

Our union was able to argue and push for raising member’s vacation accrual to exceed the current 400 hour maximum by another 60 hours not to exceed 460 vacation hours. Because many of our members have been on the front lines providing vital services to our communities during this pandemic, there has not been any availability to take time off. With limited staffing due to other COVID related concerns, our members should not have to suffer losses of not being able to continue accumulating vacation hours.

This amendment to our current MOA will only be in force until the end of this natural disaster, and will make members whole, going back to March 22. Each member will then have 6 months to either draw down their hours (by either using paid time off or cash redemption pursuant to Section 1203) in excess of the maximum accrual limit or lose the value of all hours in excess of that maximum accrual limit.

Since many members are being asked to return to their worksites where offices are slowly reopening to the public, despite discussions with many of these agencies to the protocols that are supposed to be followed, please keep your union Worksite Organizers and other union staff informed if proper PPE is not available or if there are other related concerns that address your safe return to County worksites.



Stay safe and be well!