SEIU’s International Board Passes Resolution in Support of the Movement for Black Lives

At SEIU Local 721 we know that an injustice to one is an injustice to us all.

That’s why we proudly stand with our allies in the Movement for Black Lives and have pledged to continue in the fight to dismantle white supremacy, systematic racism and end the epidemic of police brutality that has led to the unjust deaths of far too many of our sisters and brothers.

As a labor union, we know our mission to achieve economic justice for our members cannot be achieved without social and racial justice as well.

SEIU 721 has worked tirelessly to build cross-racial solidarity to achieve a brighter future for all working people and as noted in our vision statement, “We will hold ourselves and others accountable to our values. Together we will be the model for unions in the 21st Century.”

We take that vision and responsibility to be a model for other organizations very seriously. Therefore we are committed to racial justice for the long haul – not just for the interim while the wave of action in the aftermath of George Floyd’s brutal murder ripples throughout the world. After the protests subside, after the news headlines change, SEIU 721 will continue doing the hard work in fighting for meaningful, substantive, long-lasting change in the way people of color are treated in our country and in our communities.

To that end, we are pleased to announce the passage of a resolution from SEIU International’s Executive Board that is also in solidarity for this movement and all people of color.

“We are proud to stand with the Movement for Black Lives and back their demands for justice,” said Mary Kay Henry, SEIU’s International President. “SEIU is committed to being an anti-racist organization and fighting for racial and economic justice. We know that until Black communities and other communities of color can thrive, none of our communities can truly thrive.”

Union members know better than most just how powerful our voices can be. We look to SEIU 721 members like you to raise your voice in speaking out as we work to end the scourge of racial injustice once and for all.

Together We Stand. Together We Rise. Together We Win.

Read SEIU International’s full statement here

Read SEIU International’s E-Board Resolution Here

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