Stop The LA City Furloughs! Survey


Make no mistake about it, we are facing a challenge like never before.

The Mayor is proposing 26 days of furloughs. This amounts to approximately a 10% pay cut — this is unacceptable, and we are fighting this proposal every step of the way.

On May 26th we sent a cease and desist letter to LA City General Manager Wendy Macy demanding that the City meet and confer with us on these changes they are unilaterally trying to implement.

The fight won’t end there. That’s why we need your participation in this short survey. Fill out the survey and let us know how the proposed LA City furloughs will impact you — it’s quick and easy.

We’ve proven that Los Angeles cannot function, pandemic or no-pandemic, without the labor and dedication of SEIU 721 members.

The City budget process is a fluid a situation and changing by the day. We have the power to make an impact — take the survey and stay tuned for updates.