Don’t Let Them Look the Other Way — Our Video Stories Have Power

Every morning in California — we wake up and head to work, virtually or physically – without an idea of how our day is going to go.

No two days are ever the same during this pandemic.

We’re fulfilling roles that we never expected to ever do, and very often risking our lives with a potential exposure to COVID-19.

We do the work because for many of us, being a public servant is more than a job, it’s a calling.

But while public sector workers across the country keep our nation afloat, a few politicians would rather look the other way. It’s an inconvenient truth for them to know that many of us are on the verge of being furloughed, or worse yet, laid off if they don’t pass the HEROES Act.

We can’t let them to look the other way. We won’t allow them.

Our hero stories have power. Now is the time to let politicians like Arizona Senator Martha McSally know they can’t shun this pandemic’s everyday heroes.

Let’s get in their face with selfie video stories — and tell Arizona Senator Martha McSally we need the HEROES Act — don’t let them look the other way.


How To Create and Share Your Video Hero Story


  1. Grab your smartphone and turn on the selfie feature (front camera)VHC Selfie Sample
  2. Take off your mask, and introduce yourself with your name, your job and that you’re an SEIU 721 Member
  3. Briefly describe your experiences/challenges working during COVID
  4. Choose one of the reasons below for why we need a strong HEROES Act and relate it to your life
  5. Finish by telling Arizona voters to put the pressure on Senator McSally to support a strong HEROES Act and relate it to your life.

Sample Reasons

  • State and local governments across the country are facing massive deficits due to COVID-19. That means cuts, layoffs and furloughs for tens of thousands of workers.
  • Essential public workers are facing cuts, despite keeping our country afloat. We can’t leave them behind.
  • Congress has already given trillions in taxpayer bailouts to big business – they need to invest in public sector relief too.
  • Cuts to our budgets mean cuts to healthcare, public safety, social services, and dozens of other parts of the safety net that Americans rely on.
  • Without an infusion of money, states across the country will face years of recession that hurts everyone.


  1. If you have a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account, post your message with caption about why we need a strong HEROES Act and tag Sen. McSally and include #HEROESAct & #721Voices
  2. Text your video to 818-850-5683
  3. If you don’t have social media accounts, just text your video to 818-850-5683 and email your video with your name and job title to


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