Ventura Superior Courts Sideletter Tentative Agreement Reached – Time to Vote


The Coronavirus public health crisis has taken its toll on city, county and state funding. Our frontline workers are now experiencing furloughs and layoffs in other jurisdictions. SEIU 721 is working swiftly to keep workers safe and to protect services for our communities during this time of unprecedented challenges.

Our bargaining team met with the Court management team starting in September for the Healthcare Benefits Re-opener. Court management proposed to withdraw from Ventura County Health Care system and go with Kaiser and Anthem. Due to very short window period we rejected their proposal and proposed to increase Court’s contribution for Plan Year 2021.

Court management also proposed an additional 8 furlough days. Our bargaining team was able to reduce that to 4 furlough days but that increases the chances of layoffs because there is a confirmed $580,000 shortfall that must be covered. Our team was also able to increase flex credit contributions; Employee Only (to $480 Full-time, $430 Part-time), Employee + One (to $520 Full-time, $463 Part-time) and for Employee + /family (to $570 Full-time, $507 Part-time) members.

The bargaining team does not have a recommendation on how to vote on this tentative agreement.

You can vote on this TA immediately and you must vote by Friday, November 20 at 3pm (PST) for your vote to be valid.

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In order to vote, you must be an SEIU Local 721 member in good standing and you need to create an account on the SEIU 721 website (if you don’t already have an account). Once you have an account you can click on the Vote Now button below to cast your vote on this Sideletter Tentative Agreement.


For questions, contact a bargaining team member (Linda Daniels, Maureen Stutt, Caroline Gonzalez, or Tiffany Froedge), Worksite Organizer Edwin Valdez at, or SEIU 721 Chief Negotiator Aram Agdaian at