LAC+USC Nursing Assistants Push Back On Dangerous Assignment

Nursing Assistants at LAC+USC have been told to stay in Covid positive patient rooms with windows and doors closed for up to 4 hours. Together in our union, we’ve sent a strong message to management that this is unsafe!


We’re demanding the following to ensure the safety of ourselves and the patients we serve:

  1. Doors to remain open if patients are not contagious, as LAC+USC claims they are not.
  2. Set definite limits of maximum time to sit in a COVID positive room as a mandated practice to all units.
  3. If placing COVID positive patients in regular rooms, place in rooms with windows for patients requiring a Care Companion.
  4. Prioritize CAPR/PAPR use for Care Companions, and to order more CAPR/PAPR.
  5. HEPA filter machines in each room.
  6. Nursing Attendants caring for COVID positive patients must have regular access to county scrubs.
  7. All of the above must apply to NA assignments to COVID positive patients on high flow oxygen machines.

If you feel you have a potentially unsafe situation at work, call your Worksite Organizer with SEIU721, Michelle Salas at 213-447-3252

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Mary Arlene Vasquez

Thanks for always being there for us

Catherine Marie Koop

This the first that I am hearing about this but I would have to say that it is very dangerous for NA to sit in a room with a COVID wearing all the get up from face shield to 95 mask is ridiculous. I get dizzy just using the surgical mask for long distance at a time. I will fight for NA to be a safe distance but still be able to watch their patient

Maria luquin

I had to retire from LAC/USC after 30 years of service because when COVID started the have no empathy for Cna’s I got infectious diseases just because they didn’t care about our health they caring only for their salaries.I loved my former hospital but when this pandemia came I had to leave because the hospital and the Dhs were a disaster the didn’t what to do they were not prepared for this situations .I hope they already learn from this sad episode.

Uchechukwu Umeibe

Safety of patients and our safety is very important

Ruth D Mendoza

We need safely for us at work . Our SUPERVIASOR said..we have to stay inside the room with no windows and, the door need to stay close . all four hour

Hilda Aguilar

we are as important as nurses, we are in the line of fire and we deserve a decent treatment


Thankyou so much for taking quick action regarding this matter. It is very unsafe and very dangerous for all nursing assistance and our families.

Monica Camacho

It’s so sad that u work for a hospital especially county and they don’t care about anyone’s safety. Most of all the employees including myself has gotten covid and they give 2 craps about us .I got covid symptoms before I knew I had covid . I thought working for our hospital they would at least be concerned and have a testing site for us to test . Nope pretty much we have to go to our own doctors and figure it out . My husband got covid at the same time he’s not Even in the medical field and… Read more »


Yes, no Nursing Attendant should agree to accept any unsafe assignment no matter the threat of dangerous new policy.

Tiffany Manning

We shouldn’t have to sit in a room with a COVID positive patient AT ALL…. The N95 hurts, the PAPR battery only last for so long , the gowns are hot and make u sweat, mentally someone is going to have a panic attack. If there will be an exception to Nursing Attendants sitting in a COVID room the exception should only be if the patient is on a hold, and even then that patient needs to be placed in a negative pressure room or the standard room should be set up to be a negative pressure room. I have… Read more »


Yes, management is insisting we stay in a closed room with covid positive patients in certain situations. They also have failed in regards to providing any sort of support after I displayed covid symptoms and was told essentially to figure it out. Found my own test, found my own medical care as I was sure I had covid. (Especially while working in an environment where I had days of back to back multiple covid patients) (covid patients not being rotated properly on my assignment) Yes, we agreed to be healthcare workers. Many of us are exposed to covid and care… Read more »

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