Black Workers Deserve to Thrive — Share Your Story

We’re excited to share the opportunity to get involved with the Essential Stories campaign.

Essential Stories is a movement-building advocacy campaign created to uplift the voices and experiences of Black workers in California. As one of the hardest hit populations by the pandemic, the campaign is fighting to ensure that Black workers receive comprehensive and long-term COVID-19 recovery supports, resources, and protections.

This is a project of the Southern California Black Workers Hub for Regional Organizing and is anchored by the Los Angeles Black Worker Center (LABWC), UCLA Center for the Advancement of Racial Equity at Work (CARE), Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement (COPE), and Earthlodge Center for Transformation.

Why story gathering?

Our stories are powerful and are effective at getting the reality on the ground out to the world.

By putting a spotlight on these collective stories, we can address and improve working conditions for Black workers on a state-wide level.  When we all come together, we can build the power needed to influence the policies and resources that impact our working lives.

If you’re a Black worker in Southern California, join the Essential Stories campaign by sharing your story and encouraging others to join you in these efforts.

Share your story here:  or text WORKER CARE to 40649