LAHSA Commission Action Update

Just over a week ago, an overwhelming number of LAHSA SEIU 721 members participated in an e-mail action targeting the LAHSA Commission to help us win a fair and just contract.

Collectively, we emailed the Commission’s Executive Committee members Chair Jacqueline Waggoner, Commission Vice-Chair Wendy Greuel, and former Commission Chair Sarah Dusseault, to do the right thing.

Here’s an e-mail excerpt:

Many of us are at the cusp of burning out, but we continue doing this work because we know we make a difference. We know we change lives. Please do the right thing and use your influence, and good heart, to instruct LAHSA’s negotiators to agree to a contract that guarantees a $1,300 heroes bonus and a 3% cost of living adjustment.

We didn’t stop there. SEIU 721 Bargaining Team Member and HET worker, Steven Elias, made public comment before the Commission’s Executive Committee meeting on Friday, January 14th.

In his public comment, Elias urged the Commission members to implore LAHSA’s Contract Negotiating Team to stop nickel-and-diming us with the non-guaranteed cost of living adjustment and bonuses, that only kick in under specific scenarios

“We the workers are the public face of LAHSA’s efforts to combat the tragedy of homelessness that has stained the reputation of Los Angeles for decades,” Elias told the Executive Committee.

“We place no contingencies on the work that we do for our clients, and we never stopped working even during this pandemic. When there isn’t anywhere to go, or when politics gets in the way of helping people, we’re the ones that have to look someone in the face and tell them the bad news.”

“LAHSA likes to talk about how much they respect our work and how much they appreciate us, but that’s not what I’ve seen at the bargaining table. It’s time for LAHSA to listen to its workers and stop trying to cheat us out of what we have earned by putting unnecessary contingencies into our contract. We need a fair and just contract now — without contingencies designed to allow LAHSA to back out of their obligations to us,” he added.

Contract negotiations are scheduled to resume this week. Please stay tuned for breaking news, and stay ready to take further action to win a fair and just contract.

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