County of Ventura – Our 2022 Bargaining Team is Set!


You submitted your bargaining team nominations to set us on a winning path in our upcoming campaign.

The Bargaining Team election is over and we have our new Bargaining Team!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s election and together we are ready to stand up for our members, our workplaces and our communities!

Here is our new Bargaining Team.

Maintenance and Labor (PLM)
• Anthony Santiago

Clerical/Admin (PC)
• Ivon Gutierrez, Office Assistant IV (HCA)
• Cecilia Hernandez-Garcia, Accounting Assistant II (HSA)
• Edwin Jacob, Coder-Certified (HCA)
• Margarita Magallanes, Medical Office Assistant IV (HCA)

Professional (PRF)
• Felipa Lopez, HS Client Benefit Spec III (HSA)
• Toni O’Neil, HS Client Benefit Spec III (HSA)
• Grace Sepulveda, HS Client Benefit Spec III (HSA)
• Erika Villa, Public Defender Investigator II (Public Defender)

Technical (PT)
• Rene Espinoza, Nursing Assistant II (HCA)
• Brandon Miller, Public Safety Dispatcher II (VC Fire)
• Jamie Williams, Mental Hlth Associate (HCA)
• Maria Zavala, Mental Hlth Associate (HCA)

Social Workers (PSS)
• David Vahidi, HS Child Welfare Soc Wrkr III (HSA)

Supervisors (PSUP)
• Thomas Adelman, Principal Respiratory Therapist (HCA)
• Rebecca Albarran, HS Client Benefit Supervisor (HSA)

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