Breaking News — We’ve reached an LA City Tentative Agreement!

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Ahmad Ghanem

Great work


Good deal but, why wasn’t double time on Sundays ever brought up?


We need better raises with this 10% inflation. 3% raise is not even enough for cost of living adjustment, especially with gas prices skyrocketing, $22/hr minimum wage, and food, water and energy bills increasing at an alarming rate.

This contract sounds like they are hoping to postpone for the next multi-year contracts.

We deserve to have a better salary increase!


What about 4 -10 schedule?

Joe Martinez

I’m glad we got the doors open and we can continue working the rest of the contract next for details of our proposals

Kevin Aguilar

The on 5% bonus a one time thing?


Non pensionable right?

Miguel Valenzuela

Minimum wage is gonna be at $22 an hour thats not too far from WW1 starting pay….inflation is up and its only gonna higher next year……A one time 5% really should of been a permanent raised…
I respect every effort and sacrifice done to get this contract but I feel that I got Nickel and dimed


Let’s not not inch worn our way up though. At this rate will all be having to move in with family just to make ends meet.

Bob Schweinsberg

Please explain…. How does agreeing to a 3% raise for 2023 give us a “strong platform to begin negotiating a multi-year contract. There will still be “ monumental leadership changes” in December. Won’t accepting this one year deal simply allow the new city leadership to drag out the next round of negotiations? Now, after the union bumped an October 5th work action to October 12th, then canceled that as well, we should be content with 3% raise and a 5% lump sum payout from the 2024 budget. In the final analysis, we get 3%, keep negotiated PL, keep Junteenth (city… Read more »


Yes and none of it will go for our retirement they think they are doing up a favor on giving us 40 hrs, that’s just to shut out mouth and not ask for something permanent.
Over the 12 months ended June 2022, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers increased 9.1 percent. We are not even getting enough to catch up on the cost of living. And the 9.1 % is from June, by now Its probably 12%, I’m just saying treat us as adult not kids and just give us candy

John Stevenson

A 1 year contract is a weak position. A 3 year is better. A 5 year is even better.

John Stevenson

Yep. It’s sucks. And we’re back at the bargaining table in 1 year when a recession kicks in. What do you think the city is going to say then?? SHARED SACRIFICE!!! . Social Security just got an 8.7% increase. But we can’t get an 8-11% cash bonus UP FRONT for working through the pandemic?? Really?? Cost of living increases are around 4.4% per year. We should ask for a 1 time 11% up front cash payment. 4.4% per year, on a 5 year deal. THATS FAIR. We’ve seen this movie before. 1st they’ll threaten lay offs, then the union will… Read more »


Your statement is right on point sanitation hasn’t been given a cost of living raise in years, but city council members just got a raise in July.
When it comes to raises city council members never skip a beat. They approve themselves raises at emergency hearings that go till past regular hours and anyone who could object isn’t present

David Rangel

That’s why are we do it now not when the new mayor is looking to impress voters who just elected him. Not in a year when we could be in a recession the city council is weak right now and can’t take another scandal like a work is the time for a long term deal THE UNION FAILED US…



Marco Rojas

3% in a 1 year contract, is unheard of, plus a 5% cash bonus. Great job to all the members for getting this done in such a short time, And thank you for 6 more days off a year.. awesome!!!

Bob Schweinsberg

First off, A 3% raise is not “unheard of “ money. Let’s not oversell it. The last contract was supposed to be 9.65% over three year. Of course, the union and the city bumped that to a little over four years. Additionally the union did not “get us six more days off” during this round of negotiations. The five days PL was negotiated last year and Juneteenth is city and state mandated. On top of that, the wording in the blurb the union sent out has led many to believe they’re getting 3% in January and 5% in July. SEIU… Read more »

Jeffrey Lecce

Yes totally agree with you!!!

Freneshia Clark

I agree with you Bob. The members need to know exactly what we are voting on. Often times, the fine print is not revealed until after the vote has occurred. Once we factor in all of the deductions, we will not have received much of anything.


We gotta consider double time one day soon…


That’s a good start. At least whole we’re working lives away to survive, we can get done decent pay for it.

Felipe Lopez

3% raise on a hyper inflation year of 8% is hardly a BIG WIN…
Also why are you saying the 40 hrs. P.L. time was negotiated when the city offered it to us to extend and defer our raises??????

Gustavo Barajas

What is meant by dues alignment? Dues will be raised? If so we’ll back to square one.


GO BACK, NO to that contract. Take that 5% and 3% and make it an 8% minimum raise + the 40 hours personal time AND 5% bonus. We’re currently paying 9 cents on the Dollar for EVERYTHING. This, is injustice, we keep the City of Los Angeles, Operable.


Please look at this carefully. 3% for a normal year may be fine but currently it is horrible! Inflation is at double digits! What happens next year? We will get nothing because the economy is heading downwards. And did anyone notice the “and YES vote to approve our dues alignment. ” ? I bet our dues are gonna go up! We need to negotiate larger pay increases for 3 years NOT 1 time bonuses!!


No to the contract. We’re currently paying 9 cents on the Dollar. What is 3% doing? Why isn’t it 14/15%? Why is the bar set so low? As a Union member, I really don’t feel the appreciation they’re taking about in the article.

Robert Schweinsberg

First off, A 3% raise is not “unheard of “ money. Let’s not oversell it. The last contract was 9.65% over three year. Of course, the city bumped our negotiated raises the entire time with the final 4.25% coming in June of 2022. PL time was negotiated to appease us. Additionally the union did not “get us six more days off” during this round of negotiations. The five days PL was negotiated last year and Juneteenth is city and state mandated. On top of that, the wording in the blurb the union sent out has led many to believe they’re… Read more »

John Avila

How are we calculating the 5% bonus? Is it for the year, a pay period?

John Avila

What is the percentage that we will be paying for the dues alignment? What is the percentage now?


This doesn’t answer the question. We already pay 1.5% of our salary. But we have to pay for others to catch up?

Robert Schweinsberg

What raises in 2024? The raises that have yet to be negotiated?

Freneshia Clark

But this is still very vague. What does “now it’s time for everyone to catch up” mean? We need to know exactly what we are voting for.


Why is Juneteenth even included in the “Key Highlights”? That is a mandated City Holiday already. Why are we still talking about the 40 hrs of PL that have already been negotiated to be available yearly? Why are we not negotiating a longer term now instead of only 1 year? What if the new office is worse and we will end up losing what we already have instead of getting a better deal? How does it make sense that we will get a total 8% next year, then make less money the following year? Why can’t that 5% be a… Read more »

Robert Schweinsberg

Check the SEIU 721 news web site for 10/3/2022. Here is what they said about the cities offer of 3% and non-pensionable bonuses: We can’t allow the City to take us backwards! While we negotiate for pensionable pay increases that keep up with the cost of living, and reward us for our heroism throughout the last 2 ½ years of this pandemic, the City has other plans. They’re trying to nickel-and-dime us by proposing non-pensionable cash bonuses. Adding insult to injury, the City want us to give back the 40 hours of personal time that we successfully negotiated and won with our 2021 Contract Amendment. The… Read more »

daniel serrano

This right here should be sent to every city email voting on this. What they are doing is highway robbery. We should receive 8% raises not 5%. If it was between the 40 hours of PL or an extra 5%, that is a no-brainer, 5% the whole way!

John Avila

Where can I find out how the 5% bonus will be calculated? Is It 5% of my gross income, 5% one pay period? Where is written?

Andrew Gilbert

I encourage everyone to look at the bargaining unit’s original position on cash bonuses in a news feed dated October 3, 2022 found on this website

Robert Schweinsberg

I’m grateful to the bargaining team for their efforts regarding the current TA. But, stop overselling the agreement. It’s going to be accepted by city workers who have a long way to go before retirement, but it’s not in the best interests of short timers. As regards “Let’s be clear” I also don’t believe this reply is completely accurate regarding the 10/3 union update. In late September or early October, it was just before the canceled October 5th work action, we were informed of an offer from the city and importance of being involved with work action. At that time… Read more »

Isaiah Peers

Are the International Code Council Bonuses still going to apply for this new contract? (Note 14, MOU 8)

markos perez-bran

I do not know why my posts are not being approved. We need a Multi year contract with raises of 5.5% for the first year, 3% each subsequent year. Keep your days off. Keep your ONE time bonuses. If we hit a recession, the City will not give us anything next time. After 2008, City workers received little to no raises. Let’s not let that happen again.

Robert Schweinsberg

By the way, I agree with your post. I believe SEIU should have worked harder towards a multi-year contract first, before jumping at the one year contract, which amounts to a 3% raise and a 5% bribe. I’m hearing from most union members that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. But too many things have to line up for future negotiations to go our way. We’ll need a more receptive city government, lower inflation, no recession pending and no other crisis that binds up the city. The inflation rate for 2021 was 6.6%, for 2022… Read more »

Jeffrey Lecce

What a slap in the face! I can care less about the 40 hours personal leave. As if we really need it. We already have a ton of vacation days off. We accumulate sick and vacation every year. Why would anyone except a cash bonus of 5%? Do you not realize that’s a one time deal. We need to fight strong for a minimum 8% in total for our salary across the board.
Being we worked hard through the pandemic we shouldn’t agree to anything less than 8% salary raise. It’s owed to us.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jeffrey Lecce
Khanh Nguyen

3% raise is way too low compared to the inflation rate that we are having. This is not a big win at all. And a 5% bonus pay is a one time payment only. I rather have at least a 5% raise or more.

caesar avila

good work, we heard the things that we like, can we see the whole tentative agreement to see if there was anything that was lost, and is there any minutes of the meeting as transparancy to see what was said in the negotiations

Khanh Nguyen

I wish we have ERIP (Early Retirement Incentive Program) coming back soon.

Joe Akkerman

SEIU needs to stand up and fight for us union members and not bend over and take the first thing that comes out out the city’s mouth. Get it straight 721 work 4 us not against

Steve Morrow

Awesome terms for 1 year. Thank you


Wheres the link? No email yet

Gman Fresh

Crumbs from the table. They know how to feed us. ‍♂️ dont depend on one income.

Michael Potter

This is not just our union , This is a coalition of unions that got us this during an election year when we don’t usually negotiate.

Robert Schweinsberg

Can somebody from the union step up and tell us how and why this statement from the summary is true?

That’s the collective power of our union! With a total of 8% more in cash for next year, we’re in a great position to negotiate and win an even stronger multi-year contract for 2024 and beyond

Robert Schweinsberg

Is the union simply not going to respond to it’s many members who took the time to comment or ask a question on this blog? We need answers if we’re suposed to vote intelligently. Are we just supposed to cast a vote as directed? If the questions seem redundant, maybe the answers should be thought out more carefully…Many of the posts on this blog have not been responded to. I, however, did get a call from union management a couple days ago, which I appreciated very much. The problem is, I recieved answers and explainations regarding some of my comments… Read more »

David Rangel

The city counsel can’t afford a work stoppage right now with the all the bad press there dealing with. Garcetti is still mayor , we’re not in a recession yet and the city has a surplus. In a year all that will change the city will have more leverage now is the time to get our deserved raise and cola ..A new mayor will stand there ground especially the first year in office…the city says 1 year contract and 3% why are the dictating what we get???