Thanksgiving Message from SEIU 721 President David Green

“Thank you” doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude for you, your hard work, and the victories we’ve won together.

Your steadfast determination and unfaltering dedication in the face of an ongoing global pandemic, financial uncertainty, and systemic injustice is a testament to the human spirit. Despite these hardships, you have continued to persevere, going beyond the call of duty to ensure that vital services continue even during the worst of times. You have safeguarded our continued functioning as a society.

What’s more – you haven’t just shown up for us as a society, you’ve shown up for yourself and your fellow members, too. Your continued resilience and hope has not only inspired us, but has helped forge tangible, lasting change in our workplaces, our communities, and for the public we serve. From early-morning meetings to weekend rallies and beyond, your engagement has helped secure historic contracts for SEIU 721 members across Southern California. And we’re only just beginning.

Thank you for making SEIU 721 the union it is, for giving so much of yourself to public service, and for working together to create a brighter future for our communities. I’m humbled to work by your side in the struggle for fair pay, benefits, and worker protections, and honored for the chance to serve as President of our union, SEIU 721.

You and your families are always on my mind and in my heart. This Thanksgiving is no exception. Wishing you a relaxing, joyous holiday, from my table to yours.

With immense gratitude,
David Green

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Richard Castro Jr

Thanks for you leadership brother. As a retiree it is good to know our union continues to be at the forefront of major struggles in our city, county, and nation wide. Let’s continue this and move forward with our victories showing the path ahead! Bravo! #SiSePued! #SiSePudo!