Introducing: Our USC Shuttle Driver/Dispatcher Bargaining Team

The results are in!

We made our voices heard and we have elected our USC Shuttle Driver and Dispatcher SEIU Local 721 Member Bargaining Team.

Bargaining Team Members: James Sims and Chris Harris.

*Bargaining Team Alternate: Darrell Harris

*The alternate will serve in the event one of the two members cannot. 

Congratulations to the new team, and thank you to all the nominees and those who voted!

What will the bargaining team do? 

We won a historic victory by joining SEIU 721 on March 23.

Now, the Bargaining Team will be our voice at the table with USC, representing us in negotiations for our first contract.

What happens now? 

We’ll all need to support the team moving forward!

The team will be in touch about next steps.

How did the election work again? 

We had seven nominees for two open slots. The two highest vote-getters received the two open positions, and our alternate received the third-highest number of votes.

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Robby Flournoy

So happy now let’s get ready to rumble