Pasadena: We demand respect!

Every day we risk our lives to maintain the health and cleanliness of our Pasadena neighborhoods.

We did it throughout the global pandemic to maintain Pasadena’s livability standards and keep the City functioning. Every Solid Waste Truck Operator did their part in carrying the City forward, but now City officials are trying to shortchange us at the bargaining table.

This is unacceptable.

That’s why dozens of us came together in front of City Hall on Thursday, June 29th to show our unity and let the City know that we won’t be disrespected.

We utilized our lunch break to establish a united front and share a meal amongst the rows of trash trucks and other sanitation vehicles lining the street outside City Hall. It was beautiful and powerful.

While we didn’t march, hold signs, or shout chants, there was no mistaking our demonstration of collective power as we donned our SEIU 721 shirts. Our collective action demonstrates to the City that we’re willing and ready to fight for what we rightfully deserve.

The City needs to understand that we’re many of the unsung heroes who keep Pasadena functioning and we deserve to be treated as such. We’re not going away without a fight.

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