USC Shuttle Driver/Dispatcher Bargaining Team Update

Our elected bargaining team has been hard at work drafting proposals for our first contract and demanding negotiations with USC.
Here’s where we stand now:
  • Our bargaining team and USC will meet on August 2, 2023, to exchange proposals for a contract. (USC initially proposed July 19 as the date for the first bargaining session, but then claimed that it could not meet until August 2.)
  • Since May 30, our bargaining team has been meeting weekly with our union’s staff and attorneys to draft strong proposals for contract negotiations. We will demand USC include these proposals in our contract to enshrine our rights and USC’s obligation to treat and pay us fairly.
  • On June 29, our attorneys sent a letter to USC demanding that the university continue its practice of offering merit increases based on evaluations and reminding USC of its obligations under the National Labor Relations Act.
Stay tuned for more updates, and see how to get involved below!

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