Already, Our LA City ULP Strike is Getting Results

This week showed the city and the country exactly what we’re capable of when we’re fed up.

On the heels of our historic 24-hr ULP strike that made local and national news, and in a dramatic turn of events, LA City Mayor Karen Bass reached out yesterday to our union President David Green and Vice President Simboa Wright.

The Mayor expressed a very strong interest in finding a resolution to our issues and is ready to immediately begin negotiations for our successor contract.

That’s union power.

As we’ve said before, we’ve kept the City going through the tumultuous past 3 years, but we can also bring it to a screeching halt.

One thing is clear, when we mobilize and stand together, from MOU to MOU, we’re unstoppable.

Make no mistake, SEIU Local 721 direct action yields results — let’s keep up the momentum.

The Mayor’s call to our union leaders is a promising sign, but now it’s on us to hold the City’s feet to the fire.

Stay tuned for more.

When we fight, we win.