ATTN: LA DPW Security Officers: Get your JLMC Self-Nomination Form here

The Joint Labor Management Committee is very important to our union – and we are accepting self-nominations to join the JLMC. It’s where our union and management meet to hash out unresolved work-related issues, a critical matter for us as Security Officers at the LA DWP.

We need to bring strong voices to the table to represent us at the JLMC.


Please note:

  • Self-nomination means that you can only nominate yourself and not anyone else. Please only submit a nomination if you are interested in a JLMC position.
  • An election will follow after the nomination process has been completed, if necessary.
  • Only dues-paying members of SEIU 721 can run for election and only members can vote in these elections.
  • JLMC posts are for two years.
  • There are six positions up for election including three Security Officers, Two Sergeants and one Secretary (this can be anyone).

Send in your JLMC Self-Nomination Form by Fri., Dec. 1 at 5 PM. We look forward to receiving it!

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