San Bernardino Bargaining Update 2

We Demand Respect at the Bargaining Table

After six bargaining sessions with San Bernardino County, we have only received woefully inadequate proposals from the County.

Even though we gave the County a comprehensive proposal at our first session, we are still awaiting serious proposals that address our members’ priorities – such as wages, healthcare, retirement improvements, caseloads, and more…

This is not acceptable!

Current County Proposals

  • Wage proposal of 3% each year over three years for a total of 9%, which fails to address the high cost of living and huge market differences in pay
  • A wage reopener that could lower the value of the year two and three raises
  • Healthcare proposal way below what the County offers other employees
  • Caseload proposal that shows they’re not prioritizing or addressing the massive burden we carry
  • Proposals that fail to make any meaningful difference in the massive vacancies we cover
  • In general, they’re showing they don’t value our members’ education, licenses, or the extracurricular work we provide to improve services

The County has to do better than the bare minimum and show they care about our health, the work we do, and how we support our families.


We’ve got two opportunities to show the County we mean business. Use the buttons below to sign our petition demanding a fair contract, then RSVP for our rally at the Board of Supervisors on July 23rd!



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