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311 Registered Nurses LA General Medical Center Candidate Statements:


There are different specialties that have been overlooked and we continue to have the same people in the bargaining table that do not speak for the rest of us. We all need to be included.


I believe this nominee would be a great asset to our bargaining team for Registered Nurses. She is always willing to advocate for our nurses and is already familiar with our union.


I was part of the Unit 221 bargaining team last year. I am not intimidated by management. My goal is to motivate, activate and achieve a good contract for the CNAs. Lead our members into action when we are in an impasse or ready to strike(if we need to).


I’m Fiona, RN of 25 yrs . Dedicating my time to fighting for ALL NURSES(ful time staff and Relief, AP, Public and Mental health Nurses)
as 311/312 bargaining team member for the last 6 contracts.
I’m honored to be a voice speaking up for my fellow nurses hard work and dedication. I see Negioations, as a pathway to make upper management recognize , respect INCENTIVISE retainment by showing thy appreciate us thru a STRONG NURSING CONTRACT. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME


To make better working conditions where employees and patients thrive.


Been county worker for about 11 years and a union member since. I’m a Steward and member of the labor management committee. I would like to advocate for our fellow RNs to provide fair, safe and a better place to work.


As the incumbent Chair of Bargaining Unit 311, it is an honor and privilege to represent all LAC RNs/APRNs. My level of commitment, advocacy, activism, and action for our profession is unwavering. Additionally, I serve in several committees to ensure our voice is heard at various levels. DEDICATION, DILIGENCE, and DETERMINATION are the 3 Ds that I live by in pursuing our professional goals. Please CAST your VOTE for me and we will continue to make history❣️


Stronger together! I represented your interests during our last contract negotiations and I will represent you again, fighting together for a fair contract and fair wages! I’ve been a Certified Nurse- Midwife at LA General since 2018 and earned my Doctorate of Nursing Science at UCLA. I’m also a mom who acutely understands the expense of taking family leave, affording hildcare, & balancing living costs on a county salary. We deserve better!


If elected, I will use my skills and abilities FIGHT for nurses, bringing to the table integrity and experience to make ethical decisions for nurses. I will also prioritize getting vital information to the members in a timely manner ensuring member voices are heard during/after negotiations. As a 311/312 BU member I will bring knowledge, cohesion, professionalism, and accountability to the team. Advocating for a comparable wage.
Theresa W. Monroe MSN/Ed., FNP, RN


This will be my 4th bargaining cycle. All RN work more than 5 year should automatically promoted to RN II.


No Statement Submitted


I have been a dependable county employee for over a decade. I have chosen to serve the most vulnerable population, those incarcerated, and have done so with the upmost pride and respect. I plan to bring the same energy and pride at the bargaining table to ensure all nurses in the county are paid fairly and adequately!


Im committed and willing to go extra mile to up lift All county workers.
Our county employees deserve to live and thrive in a dignified environment.
Our county workers deserve the most respect and pay as we are the stakeholders and owners of our communities.
Lets work together and Win this negotiation for all of our hard working county employees!!!