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311 Registered Nurses Olive View Medical Center Candidate Statements:


I want to help!
I am passionate about my profession and my community. I would like to have an opportunity to be the voice of my LA County nurse family and fight for a fair contract. I truly believe in the power we have and the positive impact we provide to our community.
We deserve to be appreciated, respected and compensated for our hard work.
Allow me to join the bargaining committee, together we can do this!!!


I am passionate about LA County RN/APRN advocacy and have served on the bargaining team during the last negotiations. I found it extremely fulfilling and did my best to represent ALL BU 311 members. I have also served on the RN Task force, SEIU Nurse Alliance, and was a SEIU 721 delegate to the SEIU Quadrennial Convention this year. I am very committed in what I do and was always in attendance during meetings. I will put in my all in getting a strong contract


I would like to represent our Nurse Practitioners for LA County. I want to represent equality and fairness to all NPs in LA County.