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311 Registered Nurses Ambulatory Care Network Candidate Statements:


I’m an Ambulatory Care Network RN working in primary care at El Monte Comprehensive Health Center. I have I’ve worked for LA county since 1994 & served on the bargaining committee for the last 2 contracts. AMBULATORY CARE NURSES need a voice in the bargaining process. As a returning bargaining committee member I’m familiar with the intentions & tactics employed by LA County management in the bargaining process & will consistently advocate for our interests.


I have been working as a Registered Nurse since 2/10/2003 for the LA County DHS. Started my career from Harbor UCLA and now currently working in High Desert Regional Health Center as a Care Manager for SVPC. I have observed and witnessed several instances that the RN are not valued as much as they should be for the work and effort provided to help manage all the patients in and out of the facility. I want to help my department to be the voice for others.


My name Kim Taylor. I am a RN III and a union steward (11yrs) @ H. Claude Hudson. It is important to me to be at the table so that I can fight for equal opportunities for all RNs. Some of the issues that I frequently hear concerns about are: improving language that cultivate an environment conducive to promotability, Equitable increases (steps/levels), Language changes that accurately reflected our members true work performance and Streamline selection processes.