Vote Now! – BU 312 Ballot

312 Supervising Registered Nurses Candidate Statements:


I have 19 yrs of Nursing experience and have served on the Bargaining Team for the last two cycles. Currently I am on the Labor Management Team, SEIU Nurse Alliance of California Steering Comittee, RN Task Force and RN Professional Council. I have traveled to the state Capitol multiple times to lobby on bills that affect our profession and patient care. Advocacy is my passion and I will always fight for what is right and fair.


My name is Cynthia Mitchel, SSNI at LAGMC. Its been an honor to serve on past negotiations as Chair of Bargaining Unit 312. It would be rewarding to serve again and work with a team to come up with ideas and develop proposals that will increase morale and provide empowerment. Ill bring to the forefront any issues/concerns that impact nurses and push to resolve unsettled proposals. Im committed to represent and be a voice to negotiate a fair/equitable contract.


I have not just been a member of SEIU for 36 years but a strong supporter and participant of this Union.
Ive always believed in serving the Los Angeles Community and the leadership of SEIU. I am member of the RN Task Force, RNPC , and nursing organization of Nurses at DMH – NPCC Nursing Professional Commitee.
After all my years of service to the LA County , i would love to leave a legacy for my family, specially my daughter who is now also working at Harbor UCLA.


I think I am a good candidate to be selected to serve on the Local 721 bargaining committee. I am good in handling difficult conversations and I can handle difficult conversations with diplomacy. I have also the grit to pursue the goals that we will set as a committee. On top of it all, I will fight for what is best for everyone.