Vote Now – BU 722 Ballot

722 Medical Social Workers Candidate Statements:


I want to represent my collogues and speak up for what we deserve.


I am passionate about representing the work we all do. Our entire bargaining unit deserves better raises and recognition, especially given the additional duties we’ve taken on over the last few years. I’m here to represent your concerns and address your needs. With experience in several contract negotiations, I know the process well. It’s time to fight for a fair contract, and I am committed to making that happen. Vote for me to ensure our efforts are rewarded!


My name is Joseph Bretoneche. Ive been a MCW with LACDMH outpatient services for coming up 9 years this July 2024. Ive worked field-based prior in the non-profit sector. Ive heard all there from employers taking advantage of us emotionally & of our skills & efforts. They have disrespected us & continue to do so with our time. I want to fight for less time & better pay. More time for you, your family & friends, union. 28 hours FT.


I will work for my LA County coworkers. To ensure we have the respect and support from management as well as the Board of Supervisors. What we need in this perilous time is support not additional work responsibilities.


I have been an MCW for the last 5 years I did 2 years as inpatient 3 years as outpatient. I have also attended previous Union meetings including bargaining meetings.


Greetings, my name is Joyce Ford. I am a MCW II at West Central Family MHC. I am running for a seat as a representative in our BU 722. I have served as our representative for 6 years listening to your concerns and fighting for our salary and step increases and bonuses. Your voice matters. I want to continue to fight for you. Its time for a change.
We need a promotional item. Lets make our voice be HEARD. Together we can win.
With Unity and Service,
Joyce Ford


Working in a field that demands much from me, I am aware of how me and peers are under valued. I would like to effect change that would reflect on pay discrepancy, career growth through promotion and education, and what are retirement portfolio should look like.


I have been a shop Stewart for the last 15 years and involved in our bargaining unit for the last 3 contracts. On on the HPC, BPC, Social Work Task Force, MCW Task Force and chair OVMC LMC


I trust Leticia will be a good candidate for our bargaining team.


It would be an honor to represent you for the 2024 Contract negotiations team. I believe in the power of advocacy for fair, equal and a transparent workplace.

Fighting towards just compensation during these trying economic times is at the forefront. This is our opportunity to fight for what’s duly deserved.

Thank you for your consideration.


I am interested in the betterment of our organization which includes caring for our employees wellbeing in its entirety, including financial and mental well being. I would like to take part in advocating for our employees.


I have worked on the social work department at LA general medical center for 11 years. I feel that I will be a great advocate for our department. Our department needs strong leadership to get what we all deserve.