Vote Now! – BU 732 Ballot

732 Supervising Social Services Investigators Candidate Statements:


I believe I should be nominated as I have participated in policy and workload groups for ES to have better experience for us as workers. I have participated in Labor Management to bring up the issues that are going on in various offices.


I am a self motivated employee. I look to make change in everything i am involved. I do not back down when i believe i am correct in the action I take.


My name is Ruby Dye. I’ve been an ES for 20 yrs+. During this time, I have served on The Bargaining Committee representing BU732 which includes SAs and SDS. We’ve made some gains as 120 hrs of compensatory time, from 0 hrs, an increase from 2 hrs. of Flex time to 8 hrs. per wk. Last session we were able to bargain an additional 1.50% inequity bonus, while this was not nearly enough we’ve started now. Let’s continue until we win!!!!! Respect our profession


No Statement Submitted


Hell again. Im asking for your support to lead our TEAM towards a better contract. These are tuff times we need a strong team to meet our goals. Please include Ruby Dye and Oly Moreno. We can get the job done. When we fight we win !!


I have been working for Department of Children and Family Services for 31 years. I was involved in bargaining team for the previous contract negotiation period and I fought hard with my team to achieve the Tentative Agreement. I’m ready and eagle to fight again to obtain what we deserve.


I have an extensive bargaining experience, representing Eligibility Worker classification during past two negotiation periods. This experience and knowledge will help me represent my current item as an Eligibility Supervisor and fight for the best possible contract and benefits for my fellow classification members.


My name is Oly Moreno, I am an Eligibility Supervisor at the San Gabriel Valley Dist. #20. As a supervisor, I have been bargaining for the last 3 contracts and 5 contracts with the EWs prior to my promoting. Over the years, I have gained the experience of bargaining and have earned your trust.
Let you voices be heard! I am counting on your vote to best represent you. When we fight, we win! Thank you.


I have 24 years of service working for DPSS. I have seen the changes our members and department are going through and our wages and benefits do not match to our required expected work duties. I believe in equality, accountability and fairness for all. I will be committed to bargain for a wage at minimum according to cost of living and for all to be treated with respect, end micromanaging and hold Administration accountable.


I’d like to represent our departments Eligibility Supervisor’s at the bargaining table this time. This is an opportunity to fight for what’s needed; better staffing ratios; better raise; better resources to ensure we perform our jobs at a safe level.

Please choose me, “”L’T”” Underwood for your bargaining team. I won’t let you down. Let me continue to be a voice for the people.


I have been part of previous bargaining and understand the important part I have for us getting a fair deal.