Vote Now! – BU 777 Ballot

777 Supervising Social Services Investigators Candidate Statements:

Candidates who supervise BU 723 members


I am a current union steward and look forward to being involved in a new way. I will act with transparency and participate to serve in the best interest of our entire membership.


My name is Dr. Shawnté Beacham-Houston and I am a Supervising Children Social Worker (SCSW) at the Vermont Corridor DCFS office. I have been employed with DCFS for 17 years. I plan to bargain for a fair contract for SCSWs to include better telework language for all SCSWs. I am also vested in ensuring that language is drafted that is specific to SCSWs and address the concerns and needs of SCSWs. My plan is to diligently fight for BU 777. When we fight, we win!


This candidate is in tune with the needs of the SCSW’s that do this job on a daily basis. This candidate understands the importance of earning a wage that will enhance one’s daily quality of life. This candidate is committed to obtaining the best possible pay increase for current and future generations of Supervising Child Social Workers/ Union Members.


Looking to represent all supervisors within my department for a fair contract.


Looking to represent all supervisors within my department for a fair contract.


LaLisa Morgan-Reed had been an employee of Los Angeles County for almost 17 years and thirty years of professional work experience. Trained in both management (Master’s Degree in Health Care Management), Social Work (Master’s Degree in Social Work), and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she bring practical life experiences and professionalism. She has served in Labor Management, Public Policy, Union Steward, and ad hoc meetings to fight for the needs of the people.


My name is Sommer Slaughter. I believe in policy and procedures that are efficient, equitable and effective for all.


I am one of the current union reps in my office and I remain very engaged and active in advocating at our LMC meetings, for our sections concerns and MOU violations. I additionally have been a long time advocate for all things AB12 and CSEC and have some issues that have been neglected for years and need to be addressed in our upcoming negotiation and MOU update.


No Statement Submitted


I am a current member of the Executive Board and have served as a union Steward for over 12 years. We need a raise, we need more benefits, we need better work schedules and that’s what I’m fighting for.

Candidates who supervise BU 711 members


I truly believe a Union is the fundamemtal element to address the issues of equality and equity our members experience on a daily basis and I am confident that I can be essential in the upcoming negotiation.
Thank you very much,


Collective bargaining is a process for employees to have a voice in their workplace and in their employment contracts. I want to be that voice! I want to fight the “Good fight” to create a working environment where all workers are valued, and all people are respectedno matter where we come from or what color we are; where all families and communities can thrive; and where we leave a better and more equitable world for generations to come.


My name is Carmen Gonzalez and I am seeking to get your vote to be re-elected to be a member of the 2024-2025 Contract Bargaining Team. I have been a union member since 1988. I have participated in several rallies and support the Union ideals. I have several years of experience as a DPSS worker, and currently I am a GAIN Supervisor at Region III. I also have 6 years experience as a Union Steward.
If re-elected, I commit to fight for the highest salary percentage.


I’m going to fight for our dignity, safety, better wages, premium coverage & less contracted work.


I AM A Fierce Bargaining Member representing ALL members within BU 777. I spearheaded the unyielding maintenance of the success of the new language in DPSS, DCFS, DMH, and WDAC MOU. I attended every meeting and will continue to do so. I am steadfast with dedication and determination and committed to doing more for all 777 members. It is our time to stand united again and win. WE ARE ESSENTIAL WORKERS PERIOD! I ASK FOR YOUR VOTE.