While our contract won’t expire for another 6 months, it’s urgent that we hit the ground running to negotiate a successor MOU that considers all of our hard work and sacrifices over the past two years.

Make no mistake, we’re once again at a major crossroads in the City, and this won’t be easy. A new Mayor will take office in December, and our LA City Council will also look drastically different.

Independent of who’s in City office, the fact remains that every SEIU 721 member needs to stay engaged and involved for us to negotiate and win a very strong contract.

The first step is for SEIU 721 members to begin assembling new Bargaining Teams for our upcoming contract negotiations. Because the number of Member candidates exceeds the number of table slots for MOU 4, MOU 14, MOU 15, and MOU 18 — there will be a Bargaining Team election for these MOUs.

Members in good-standing from these MOUs will vote to elect the Bargaining Team Member of their choice.