This superb deal features the biggest one-year raise in Los Angeles County history, with a 5.5% raise plus a $1,375 bonus in 2022 as well as a 3.25% raise in 2023 and another 3.25% raise in 2024 – the largest one-year salary increases since 2006!

We’re proud of the pay raises we’re delivering to LA County SEIU 721 members – with a 12% raise over the life of our three-year contract – but that’s just the beginning.


Our healthcare plans are some of the best in the business – and now we’re getting an additional stipend of up to $195/month to cover projected medical premium cost increases.


We heard LA County members loud and clear that SEIU 721 members need assistance to keep our families strong – and now we’re getting $100- $375/month to help with childcare and elder care costs.


Remote work is part of the new normal for many of us – and now we’re getting a commitment from LA County to expand telework opportunities in all departments with reimbursements for required expenses incurred.


Our contract comes with all kinds of extra amenities thanks to the strength of our union power – and now we’re getting even more dollars for life insurance, public transit subsidies and other fantastic benefits.

We’re getting these big contract wins – along with even more improvements for our specific bargaining units – only if we follow the recommendation of our LA County Bargaining Policy Committee and VOTE YES to ratify our new contract. For more information, please see your full Tentative Agreement Summary.