Elections for the Nurse Alliance Steering Committee will open on June 12th at 9am.

Please take a moment to review the candidate’s one minute statements then proceed to your ballot.
You must sign in to your seiu721.org account so that we can verify your identity before voting.

The election will take place online starting Monday, June 12th and will conclude on Sunday, June 25th at 5pm. The new committee will be announced on Monday, June 26th.

Although any SEIU 721 nurse can vote the seats will be distributed as such:

3 Seats for LA County Department of Health Services
2 Seats for LA County Department of Public Health
1 Seat for LA County Department of Mental Health
1 Seat for Riverside County
2 Open Seats (will be given to the next highest vote count after the above seats have been filled.)

For more information about the Nurse Alliance, contact SEIU 721 RN Coordinator Lakesha.Harrison@seiu721.org

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