You submitted your bargaining team nominations and now it’s time to vote for our bargaining team members!

There will only be an election for the Administrative unit. Two or less candidates were nominated for the Professional and Supervisor units. Those Professional and Supervisory unit candidates win by acclamation and they don’t have to go through an election.

Not sure what unit you are in? Check this list to find your unit based on your job classification.

We are doing this online vote but you can also vote via a paper ballot, at your worksite or come by our Ventura office during the times listed below.

Online votes take precedence over onsite ballots.

Administrative unit members only, here are the bargaining team nominees and their optional candidate statements. See the vote now button below and cast your vote! You may vote for up to 2 candidates. You must vote by Tuesday, July 5th at 5pm (PST).

>>Download and share the voting information and candidate statements flyer.


Tiffany Froedge, Court Judicial Assistant II

I have been with the courts for 26 years, 21 years as a judicial assistant. I have been a steward for 7 years and on the bargaining committee for approximately the same. I enjoy fighting for my coworkers for the most equitable contract possible and providing a voice for their needs.


Gustavo Garcia, Court Collection Officer III

I would like to represent my fellow employees and fight for a substantial pay increase to fight the inflation we are facing. An increase in the flexible benefits. Our family deserves good health care at a reasonable price. We need ergonomic equipment such as raising desks and ergonomic keyboards and mice.
We need to be ready to fight!!!!!!


Kimberly Goodman, Court Judicial Assistant II

Fellow SEIU 721 Members,
I am running for one of the two seats in the Administrative Unit on our bargaining team.
We are currently faced with many challenges. Challenges that will continue to affect all of us. I know this because I have seen it and experienced it myself. With COVID-19, rising gas prices, rising food costs and staffing shortages here at the courthouse we need a voice that represents our solidarity at the bargaining table. I want to be that voice.
I hope you will stand with me by giving me your vote!
Kim Goodman
Judicial Assistant II


Hellmi McIntyre, Court Judicial Secretary

No candidate statement provided.


Maureen Stutt, Court Processing Assistant III

Many of you know me, and no I’ve been on the bargaining team for a while. I am always concerned about getting a cost of living increase and better terms for our health insurance. You know I am not afraid to speak up at the table and fight for even half a percent on our wages.
I’m asking you to allow me to continue working bargaining for all of us


Lisa Vargus-Molloy, Court Collection Officer III

My name is Lisa Vargus-Molloy and I am interested in running for one of the open seats in the Admin Unit for the bargaining team.
Our Court is consider to be one of the best Superior Courts in California. This largely due to our great staff and knowledge that we provide to the public.
Let us unite together and allow me to represent a strong contract that reflects…
“We are the Best NOW show us the Money!


For questions, contact Worksite Organizer Annette Nino at

Remember, only Administrative Unit members should vote in this election.