Steve Askin, Director
Steve Askin earned his MBA at Columbia University School of Business. He has been a writer and practitioner in the field of non-profit and corporate financial accountability for three decades.  He has served non-profit organizations as a Board Member, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer. At the Service Employees International Union, he has led investigations of financial abuses, quality of service failures and other accountability issues in the health care industry. He has testified before Congressional and UN committees on the role of multinational corporations in Africa. A former investigative journalist, his reporting appeared in Business Week, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the National Catholic Reporter and many other publications. (See for a more complete profile)

Shari Nalani Doi, Research Associate
As a policy analyst and researcher, Shari Nalani Doi leads investigations and research that drive policy initiatives and worker outreach efforts. She’s been the primary author and researcher for a number of publications for the Center for Health and Gender Equity and SEIU. She earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from University of California, San Diego. She is active in the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) and National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum.

Molly Rhodes, Ph. D., Research Associate
Molly Rhodes, Ph.D., has been a research analyst for corporate and government accountability in Southern California for over 20 years, encouraging transparency, public participation, and responsible development. In the 1990s, she was involved in the effort to help graduate teaching assistants at the University of California form a union. She completed a cultural studies dissertation at UC San Diego, examining intersections of mass culture and psychology, including the 1940s founding of Harlem’s Lafargue Mental Hygiene Clinic.

Ted Rohrlich, Research Coordinator
Ted Rohrlich was an investigative reporter at the Los Angeles Times where he worked for 26 years, exposing scandals and corruption in California public agencies. Before joining the Times, he was a reporter for the Bergen (N.J.) Record, the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch and an alternative weekly, the Richmond Mercury. A graduate of The Johns Hopkins University, he also teaches investigative reporting at the University of Southern California.