Regional Councils are vital to effective governance at SEIU Local 721. Our union is comprised of more than 95,000 members across Southern California – from the beaches of Santa Barbara and Ventura all the way to the desert communities of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Regional Councils ensure that SEIU Local 721’s entire membership has a voice as our union establishes priorities, sets an agenda and implements our vision.

SEIU Local 721 has four Regional Councils covering the four geographic areas of our union: Inland Area, LA County, LA/OC Cities and Tri-Counties. Regional Council elections were first held in 2010; the most recent Regional Council election took place in 2016. Members of each Regional Council officially advise the SEIU Local 721 Executive Board on local issues specific to their respective regions.

Regional Council Members

Los Angeles County

Dean Matsuyama

Children’s Law Center


Nesha Xuncax

Clinica Romero


Carol Maxey-Ware

LA County BU 111 – Clerical


Karen Nealy

LA County BU 111 – Clerical


Lillian Cabral

LA County BU 112 – Supervisory Clerical


Kelley Dixon

LA County BU 121 – Ad-Tech


Mariza Hernandez

LA County BU 122 – Supervisory Ad-Tech


Morris Griffin

LA County BU 201 – Building Custodians


Melvin Orphey, Jr.

LA County BU 221 – Paramedical Technical


Theresa Monroe

LA County BU 311 – Registered Nurses


Maribel Castillon

LA County BU 311 – Registered Nurses


Saundra Wooten

LA County BU 342 – Supervising Health Science Professionals


John Poole

LA County BU 431 – Artisan & Blue


Silva Kechichian

LA County BU 711 – Social Workers


Linda Jackson

LA County BU 723 – Children’s Social Workers


Lydia Cabral

LA County BU 729 – Health Financial Support


Adolfo Granados

LA County BU 731 – Social Services Investigators


Tracey Boykins

LA County BU 731 – Social Services Investigators


Ruby Dye

LA County BU 732 – Supervisory Social Services Investigators


Jorge Ortiz, Jr.

LA County BU 777 – Supervising Social Workers


Buford James

LA County Superior Court BU 860


David Davidson


Inland Area

Tim Burke

City of Hemet


Sandra Bosler

City of Palm Springs


Barbara Hunter

City of Riverside


Paula Searle

County of Riverside


Melita Charles-Singh

County of Riverside


James Geller

Lake Hemet MWD


Oracio Diaz

County of San Bernardino


Roger Nunez

County of Riverside


Art Fuentes

County of Riverside


Jerry Johnson

City of Riverside, Waste Management


Chris Martinez

City of Murrieta



Rosa Castro
Ventura Superior Court


Robert May
County of Ventura


Maria Amaro
County of Ventura


Grace Sepulveda
County of Ventura


Rosa Vallardes-Renteria
County of Ventura


Tanya Rivero
Ventura Superior Court


Prelina McGee
County of Ventura


Charles Harrington
City of Simi Valley


Jesse Gomez

Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District

LA/OC Cities

Joseph Watson City of Inglewood


Kesavan Korand City of Los Angeles MOU 8


Robert Potter City of Los Angeles MOU 36


Guillermo Martinez City of Los Angeles MOU 17


Jesus Hernandez City of Monterey Park


Jaime Lopez City of Santa Ana


Domenick Washington

City of Compton


Kenneth White

City of Los Angeles MOU 4