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Step Up On Second Workers Are Forming Our Union!

Step Up On Second workers provide vital frontline services to Southern California’s most vulnerable populations. Our work changes lives and empowers our clients to find their voice and make transformative choices. However, our own working conditions don’t match up to the values that we try to live every day. So we’re joining with SEIU 721 to find our own voice and make our own choices at work. By standing together and forming a union, we can win the wages and benefits that we deserve, a say in how our workplace works and power to better advocate for our clients. Our National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) union election ballots will be arriving by mail the first week of September. When yours arrives, vote YES and mail it back as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, add your voice in support of our union using the form below and read more about our path to victory. 

I’m Voting Yes!

Use the form below to let your coworkers know why you’re voting YES and upload a nice photo so that everyone can see your Union Strong smile.


  • Keep it simple! Explain why you’re voting yes and what a union will mean for you and your coworkers
    • “I’m voting YES to form our union because Step Up Workers shouldn’t need to take a second job to make ends meet.”
    • “I’m voting YES to form our union because the more security we have in our jobs, the better we can serve our clients.”
    • “I’m voting YES to form our union because I know that, together, we can negotiate a strong contract that addresses the real needs and concerns of Step Up workers.”
Where do you work?
Explain why you're voting YES to form our union
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Election Details

Our NLRB election will take place by mail ballot. When you receive your ballot, vote YES. If you’re in the Professional Unit, your ballot will include two questions, vote YES for both of them. Then, make sure you follow all of the included directions, sign your ballot and mail it back as soon as you can.

Step Up Ballot A
Step Up On Second Ballot A (Professional Unit)
Step Up Ballot B
Step Up On Second Ballot B

Important Election Dates

August 31 – Ballots mailed out
September 12 – Date you should request a new ballot from NLRB if you haven’t received yours yet. If you need to request a new ballot, call 310-235-7351. The NLRB agent will generally pick up if you call during business hours (9am-5pm). If the NLRB agent does not answer leave an answering machine message with your name, employer, phone number, and correct address. If all of the information is clear, the NLRB will simply send a duplicate ballot. If the information is not clear, you’ll get a call back.
September 23 – Ballot count at NLRB Region Office (will be webcast)

Beware Union Busting!

Now that our election date is approaching, management will likely attempt to interfere and prevent us from conducting a fair election (as the NLRB Board Agent ruled they did during our spring election period). Be on the lookout for these union busting behaviors!

The Union Difference

Why vote Union Yes? See for yourself!

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