After weeks of voting, the results are finally in!

LA County members voted in favor of a Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strike with a resounding 98% voting YES (read about our press conference)

Despite the overwhelming support by LA County members, the strike authorization does not mean we are going on strike just yet.

After contract negotiations on Monday, May 9 and Tuesday, May 10, and the Board of Supervisors budget meeting on Wednesday, May 11 our elected Bargaining Policy Committee and the leadership of our union will make an evaluation of when to go on strike. 

The situation is still very fluid, so please bookmark this webpage, check your email inbox for breaking news and strike updates, or text SEIU to 721721 to receive mobile updates.

In the meantime, below are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding a potential ULP strike.

Frequently Asked Questions on the ULP Strike Authorization

When are we going on a ULP strike?

Now that our membership has voted to authorize a strike, our elected Bargaining Policy Committee, and the leadership of our union, will make an evaluation of when to go on strike if needed. The strike is a last resort if the County continues negotiating in bad faith.

Are we striking for raises?

NO. This strike is not about money or percentages, it’s about the Unfair Labor Practices committed by the County.

The membership voted to ratify a ULP strike. 

If we go on strike, can I participate if I am on probation?

We are advising that you do not participate in the strike, but there are other ways you can support. First, you can vote yes. You can also wear purple or sticker up on action days.

Can I participate in a ULP strike if I am on transfer probation?


I’m scared about going out on strike. Can I get in trouble?

Any Unfair Labor Practice strike is legally protected activity.

If management moves to retaliate against you for participating in the strike or any union actions leading up to the strike they would be willfully breaking labor law and SEIU 721 legal counsel would take your case.

Will the union be providing financial assistance in the event of a ULP strike?

Financial assistance is not considered unless the strike is at least 7 days.

Can I use sick time to go on a ULP strike?

No. You will have no legal protection if you call in sick and participate in the strike.

Can I use vacation time to go on a ULP strike?

No. Vacation time cannot be used for the strike. Striking is a protected activity.

Will going on a ULP strike impact my benefits?

No. You and your family will still maintain your medical, dental, and other benefits.

Can I be replaced with temps if I participate in the ULP strike?

This is a protected strike – you cannot be permanently replaced